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Provides professional humidity control solutions for greenhouse which will optimize grow condition of plants and for better harvest.



Powerful over-head designed units ensures strong dehumidifying capacity for indoor farming/greenhouse industry with highly efficient refrigeration system which can reaches over 3.4L/Kwh. Electronical refrigerant flow control have smart detection so as to adjust refrigerant flow volume inside the cooling system. Strong frame structure ensures stable system running.

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ECO series dehumidifiers are equipped with an efficient rotary piston compressor with low-maintenance cost and 5-year Warranty on key components assures stable usage and operation for Greenhouse market.

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Indoor Farming/Greenhouse

SeedMax™ ECO series provides special design for indoor farming / greenhouse market choice with efficient dehumidification performance. Its mobile design allows frequent change of location from one building site to another or applications in rough surroundings or commercial using purposes.

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Food, seed and fruits Storage
By controlling the humidity conditions in the storage environment, SeedMax ™ can reduce the evaporation of water inside fruits and vegetables, and at the same time it can remove the mold and bacteria, so as to realize the freshness of fruits and vegetables.
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Fungus Breeding
Adjust the appropriate humidity required by fungi well in each stage of growth, and prevent various diseases and insect pests encountered in the growth process of fungi.Professional humidity control, give fungi a healthy growth environment.
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Storage Drying
Designed to help you maintain precise humidity levels in your  warehouse of stocking facility. Ensuring the quality of the process.
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Grower’s Office/Facility Dehumidifying
With automatic system and optional pump configuration, SeedMax™ provides unattended-operation humidity control solution for grower’s/greenhouse offices or other working facility, workshops & garages. PRO series even provides units with HEP (high environment protection ) technology which reaches DOE and Energy Star standard and optimize energy saving.

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SeedMax ™ specialises in plant dehumidification for indoor plants. We have been in the dehumidification industry for over 20 years and our LGR low temperature dehumidification technology and the efficient rotary piston compressor are the perfect solution for indoor farming,low temperatures storage and more. 

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