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Humidity Control is critical to greenhouse market

 Greenhouse, can be light, heat preservation (or heating), used for the cultivation of plants. In the season that is not suitable for plant growth, it can provide the greenhouse growth period and increase the yield, and is mostly used for the cultivation or seedling breeding of thermophilic vegetables in the low temperature season.

The humidity condition in the greenhouse is directly related to the growth and development of various crops. Scientific and reasonable control of the humidity condition in the greenhouse can form a small environment conducive to the growth and development of fruits, fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse, which is an important link to ensure the high yield, high quality and high benefit of the greenhouse.

Controlling the relative humidity of the air in the greenhouse becomes a problem that vegetable growers in the greenhouse must face and solve.

How humidity influences crops in greenhouse

 Humidity has a significant influence on transpiration, photosynthesis, disease occurrence and physiological disorders of greenhouse crops, which is shown in the following aspects:

1. Air humidity affects transpiration. Transpiration is not only the power of water absorption, but also the power of transport of mineral nutrients. High air humidity and weak transpiration reduce the ability of plants to transport mineral nutrients. Transpiration can also regulate the temperature of the leaves. If the temperature is high, the air humidity is high, and transpiration is weak, the leaves may be burned.

2. The size of air humidity will affect the opening and closing of stomata of plants. If the air humidity is too large or too small, the stomata will close, and carbon dioxide cannot enter mesophyll cells, and photosynthesis will slow down or even stop.

3. Excessive air humidity is conducive to the propagation of bacteria, and the germination of most fungal spores and the development of mycelia require high humidity; Too low is conducive to the occurrence of insect pests, such as red spider mites occur generally in high temperature and low humidity environment.

4. high humidity will make the foliar water condensation, resulting in foliar cell rupture, and make the plant weak.

The advantage of using dehumidifier in greenhouse

Therefore, using a dehumidifier for dehumidification purpose in the greenhouse for humidity control is the most simple and effective method. The use of greenhouse dehumidifier for humidity control can not only effectively remove the moisture in plants room, but also accurately control the air humidity within the range required by the growth and development of various crops. At the same time, which provides a favorable growth environment for the growth of crops.


How a dehumidifier works
The mechanics behind a refrigerant-style dehumidifier are actually simpleNotice how moisture forms on the outside of your cold glass of water on a hotday ? Thats condensation , and once you know that , understanding how adehumidifier works becomes a lot easier.

1 Air is drawn into the unit by a fan

2 Air passes over a cold surface

3 As the air is cooled . it's moisture condenses

4 Water falls into the tank

5 Air is re-heated by when pass through condenser

6 Air Passes back into room and be warmer and considerably dryer

7 Unit switches off automatically when tank is ful

8 When the unit achieves the selected level of dryness , it switches off automatically

HEP (High Efficiency Protection) Technical Points

Reframing the positions of condenser and evaporator to enlarge the heat transfer area ofcondenser and enhance its flow rate . So that the condensing pressure will be lower andenergy consumption of compressor decreased correspondingly .

Cut off the thermal bridges between each rows of fins along with the end of condenser , and reflow thetemperature air from the outflow of evaporator to the end of condenser toenhance the heat convection . So that it will result in more sufficient sub-cooling dearee ofrefrigerant at the end of condenser . This leads which leads to much less proportion ofgas-phase refrigerant in expansion valve and HI-ETM system offers refrigerating capacity ofevaporator increased

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